Board Committees

Roles, Duties and Responsibilities
of the Executive Committee

  • To operate the daily business of the Company in line with the Company’s policy and budgets, set the directions, targets, organization and business operations of the Company, at the same time, monitor the Company’s performance in achieving its targets.
  • To assess transactions of the Company and its subsidiaries which may have conflicts of interest with the Company. The EC would then have to propose the meeting of the AC and the Board before the transaction is approved.
  • To perform operations as assigned by the Board and to approve other business operations of the Company as delegated by the Board.
  • To approve credit and write-off debts within the authorized limits.
  • To approve the hiring of consultants and procurement of materials in accordance with procedures.

The Company’s EC as at 31 December 2019 includes:

Dr.King Wai Chan Chairman

Mr.Antonio Hang Tat Chan Member

Mr.Hang Lee Chan Member


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Bangkok 10120

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