Board Committees

Roles, Duties and Responsibilities
of the Audit Committee

  • The AC is guided by the following terms of reference:
  • Review financial statements to ensure adequacy, accuracy and proper disclosure as required by accounting standards and relevant laws.
  • Review the efficiency of the internal audit system set by management.
  • Review business operations in accordance with the requirements of the Securities and Exchanges Act, Rules and Principle Standards of the SET or any other laws related to the Company’s.
  • Consider, select and nominate an independent person as the Company’s auditor, and to propose the aforementioned person’s remuneration, as well as to attend the meeting separately with external auditors to discuss any matters without the presence of management at least once a year.
  • Review relevant transactions for any conflicts of interest, adherence to related laws and regulations of compliance and to ensure that such transactions are transparent.
  • Ensure transparency and accuracy in the Company’s disclosure of relevant transactions, conflicts of interest or any other operation which may cause significant impact on the Company.
  • Report on activities of the AC in the Company’s annual reports which must be signed by the Chairman of the AC.
  • Perform any other act as assigned by the Board of Directors with the agreement of the AC.

The Company’s Audit Committee as at 31 December 2019 includes:

Mrs Jiraporn Pimpoorash Chairman

Prof Chukiat Pramoolpol Member

Mr Somprasong Makkasaman Member

Mrs Jiraporn Pimpoorash, with her extensive experience in the relevant industry for 30 years, is qualified to carry out the audits for KWI.


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