Corporate Governance Policy


The Company recognizes the importance of protecting the rights of shareholders’ and promotes the exercising of these rights accurately and completely both Thai and English via Company website and the SET website Shareholders can be confident that such rights are protected and treated with respects. The basic legal rights of shareholders include the right to buy, sell or transfer shares, receive dividends, obtain relevant and adequate information in a timely and regular basis, participate in shareholder meetings and express opinion or suggestion, propose the meeting agenda, vote for the appointment or removal of Directors and Auditors, determine their remuneration as well as partaking in decisions that could have material impact on the Company such as acquisitions and mergers, liquidations of subsidiary companies, dividend payment, amendment to the Memorandum and the Articles of Association or by-laws, capital increase or decrease.

Besides these basic rights, the Company has also implemented best practices to promote and facilitate exercising of rights for shareholders. The Company appointed the Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (TSD) as the Securities Registrar and to facilitate its shareholders in matters relating to the Company’s share and securities registration.

The Company recognizes the importance of accurate, complete and transparent disclosure to its shareholders with regards to financial results and other relevant information through the SET and the Company’s website in both Thai and English

to ensure that shareholders have access to information in a timely manner.

The Company holds its Annual General Meeting once a year within four months after the end of its accounting period, in addition, the Company shall hold the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders in case that significant matter occurs during the year and requires resolution from the Shareholders’ Meeting. Date, time, and venue for the meetings shall be convenient and easily accessible for shareholders. The Company shall not arrange meetings on holiday or commercial bank holiday and non-business days.

The Company published an announcement to invite minor shareholders to propose an agenda which should be considered in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in advance via the information system of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the website of the Company and in IR webpage for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.


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