Corporate Governance Policy


The Company is determined to conduct its business with prudence and transparency to ensure sustainable growth and enhance long-term value for its shareholders.

The Company recognizes that its employees are the core driving force for the organization. The Company strives to continually enhance staff competency levels by providing opportunities for career advancements and a fair reward system. The Company is committed to training and developing its workforce, as well as providing a safe working environment for everyone.

The Company is committed to provide quality products and services to all customers, as well as to assist and provide solutions to their needs, while protecting customer confidentiality at the same time, unless stipulated by law or with the customer’s written consent. Maintain customer relationship as well as sustainable improvement of relationship.

The Company has policies in place to ensure that creditors are treated with equality and fairness. In case of non-compliance with any one of the conditions laid out in the agreement, the Company will promptly notify the creditor to jointly consider and resolve the issue in a fair manner.

All employees are expected to provide accurate and complete disclosure on their shareholding interest and that of their related kin, so as not to impede decisions of potential buyers or sellers of shares. Employees should also refrain from accepting gifts and/or rewards from buyers or sellers as well as attending private functions hosted by them, so as to avoid any accusation of special assistance rendered at a later occasion.

The Company respects competition by conducted oneself according to a fair competition framework and refrained from making false allegations or false statements that may destroy the reputation of the competitors and does not engage in deals and/or discussion with employees of its competitors on issues and/or information that may impact either party’s business.

The Company is committed to positively impact the community and society in the four focus areas of education, sports, society and the environment, as well as arts and culture.

  • Purchase of licensed software
    The Company purchases computer software which is duly licensed and prohibits illegal use of unlicensed computer software. If the need arises to install any additional software applications, the Information Technology Department will ensure the relevant licenses prior to installation.
  • Medical Benefits
    Employees are each provided with a health insurance card from the insurance company, and are entitled to a benefit plan which covers medical costs in the participating hospitals. Employees are also provided a complimentary annual health checkup.
  • Safety
    The Company provides training for appointed fire wardens and shares updated fire evacuation plans for employees, within the office building as well as for the projects.


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